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A. den Doolaard museum

In the old streets of Ohrid, you can find a special piece of Dutch heritage: the complete collection of books and poems by the Dutch writer A. den Doolaard.

During the high season, the museum is open daily.

Outside the high season, visits are possible by appointment. For this, please contact us (

or Krste Purcov (


A. den Doolaard often stayed in the Balkans, particularly in Ohrid.

He wrote a lot about it, and one of his most famous works, "The Wedding of the Seven Gypsies", is set in Ohrid.

The popularity of the book and the praising stories about Ohrid caused a flow of Dutch tourists to Ohrid. Since the first tourists discovered Ohrid after the Second World War, it has grown into an increasingly popular holiday destination.

The Macedonian writer Misho Juzmeski made this Dutch writer his life's work. He wrote two books about the Dutch writer and opened the museum in 2011. Mr. Juzmeski suddenly passed away in April 2021. His work is continued by his nephew Krste Purcov.

Krste is not only a tour guide, but also the host and owner of the museum. He is assisted by one of the owners of Ohrid4u, Karin Broekema.

The museum is frequently visited by fans of this writer and many tourists, especially Dutch tourists.

In the museum, you will find not only the collection of the writer A. den Doolaard but also many photos of Misho Juzmeski and numerous books and guides.


Besides the museum, you will find references to the Dutch writer in various places in Ohrid.

At the end of the boulevard, there is a monument dedicated to this writer.

The monument is located in the so-called "Dutch park", named after A. den Doolaard.

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