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Best travel time


The climate in Macedonia is quite diverse. In most of Macedonia the summers are long and hot, and the winters mild and wet. Totally different climate is in the mountains. Winters can be long and full of snow. Summers can be chilly there.

Especially the climate in Ohrid is very pleasant. Nice warm summer days and cool summer evenings. If you can't stand the heat, the best months to travel are May or September. The temperature is then pleasantly warm and it is not very crowded.


Best travel time North Macedonia

When is the best time to travel to Northern Macedonia depends on your destination. In the summer it is nice and warm and you can book a sunny holiday at Lake Ohrid. If you like active holidays and prefer to go into the mountains then the months of May, June and September are ideal. But Macedonia is also an interesting winter sports destination and in the winter you can ski in several places.

High season (July-August)

  • During the high season it is very hot, a heat wave is no exception.

  • The last years in high season is getting busier and busier.


Mid-season (May-Juni-September)

  • Spring and autumn are ideal for an active holiday.

  • In spring nature is at its most beautiful.


Low season (October-April)

  • Wet period with more chance of rain.

  • Lots of snow in the mountains but also in the low-lying areas.

  • Good travel time for a winter sports holiday.

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