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Ohrid, the pearl of Macedonia

If there's a place that everyone in Macedonia should visit, it's undoubtedly Ohrid. Ohrid is located in the southwest of Macedonia, on the northeast coast of Lake Ohrid. This beautiful city will soon reach the list of the best holiday destinations. The old part of the city full of history, old buildings and churches, unique architecture versus the modern way of life, many bars and restaurants - makes Ohrid a great holiday destination. Ohrid is a combination of tranquility and idyllic; the old-fashioned and modern; the mysterious and visual - all in one.

You will never forget the view of the Ohrid Lake, the boat trip you should definitely take; the taste of Macedonian wine; the hospitality of the locals, ... the relaxation.

You can choose to take it easy, read a book, take a stroll along the beautiful promenade or just do nothing - while enjoying the beautiful weather. There are many possibilities to take your holiday to a higher level, such as diving, kayaking, hiking, paragliding, mountain biking, etc.

One thing is certain - it will be one of your best holidays ever....

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