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ATV Adventure

We offer a unique and exciting way to discover Ohrid and the Galician National Park. Explore some of the most beautiful landscapes, climb 1600 m.a.s.l. and see both Prespa and Ohrid lakes from the heights. Travel through local villages, on and off-road on an adventurous journey with our expert guides.
We have free pick-up and drop-off service to/from your accommodation in Ohrid and the surrounding area.

IMPORTANT: You are required to inform us in advance of any medical complaints.

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Cross Country adventure 2 hours

This adventure takes you up to 1200 m.a.s.l. and connects 3 villages Velestovo, Sipokno and Gorno Konjsko.

With a breathtaking view of Ohrid and Lake Ohrid, you will pass through different natural atmospheres and roads. The ride covers about 20 km without detours and is perfect for those who want to try an ATV for the first time or for those who don't have much time.




66 Euro (4000 den.) - one person/ 99 Euro (6000 den.) - two people



98 Euro (6000 den.) - one person/ 132 Euro (8000 den.) - two persons

(Including non-alcoholic drinks)

ATV Ohrid .jpg

Half a day

Trip of about 4 hours


The terrain of the track is a mix of asphalt, rocky off-road and red soil/grass terrain. You will have time to explore and take beautiful pictures of the mountain and the shining lake of Ohrid.

After the picnic at the Asandjura Hut, you will return to Ohrid and pass the villages of Velestovo and Sipokno. This tour covers approximately 40 km. 



132 Euro (8000 den.) - one person/ 164 Euro (10000 den.) - two people



164 Euro (10000 den.) - one person/ 197 Euro (12000 den.) - two persons
(Packed lunch and non-alcoholic drinks included)

ATV Ohrid .jpg

Full Day Tour
Around Galicica 

Trip of about 6 hours

This tour also starts at Gorno Konjsko and Villa Minami at 1100m above sea level and follows the road to the Samatska Dupka cave at 1450m above sea level.

The beautiful landscapes and untouched nature of this part of Galicia National Park are a challenge that can only be surpassed by what awaits you in the cave.



197 Euro (12000 den.) - one person/ 230 Euro (14000 den.) - two people


230 Euro (14 000 den.)  - one person/ 263 Euro (16000 den.)  - two persons
(Packed lunch and non-alcoholic drinks included)

ATV Ohrid.jpg

Easy Trail 

Approx. 1 hour tour
Try out our beginner’s ATV tour and get a taste of what this amazing activity is all about! We offer you a great way to discover this exciting All-Terrain Vehicle while having fun and immersing yourself in the wilderness. Our expert guides will provide a safety briefing and procedures on proper ATV riding techniques.

The tour goes to village of Ramne and is approx. 10 km (5 km off road + 5 km asphalt road).

PRICE FOR ATV 600 CC: 33 Euro (2 000 den.) – one person/ 50 Euro (3 000 den.) –two persons

PRICE FOR BUGGY 550 CC: 66 Euro (4 000 den.) –one person/ 82 Euro (5 000 den.) –two persons

(Non-alcoholic drinks included)

ATV Ohrid.jpg


2 hours tour + Party

There is no better way to meet new friends, celebrate your birthday, family get together or any other special occasion, than an awesome sunset off-road ATV adventure, followed by a post tour BBQ and Macedonian dishes with plenty of drinks at restaurant Biljanini Izvori. Once the feast is over, we will safely drop you off to your accommodation.

​PRICE ATV 600 CC: NEW PROMO PRICE: 82 Euro (5000 ден.) - one person / 132 Euro (8000 den.) - two persons

PRICE FOR BUGGY 550 CC: NEW PROMO PRICE: 115 Euro (7 000 den.) - one person /164Euro (10000 den.)- two persons

(Non-alcoholic drinks during the ride + BBQ Dinner in restaurant Biljanini Izvori with 3 drinks

ATV Ohrid.jpg

Private Tours

Flexible duration

The advantages of the Private Guided Tours are that you ride alone with your selected friends, family or loved ones in total privacy.


Feel free to ask our guides for additional stops and photo opportunities or perhaps if you don't want a break at all, you can just tear through the course. Whatever your wishes, we will do our best to fulfil them.



PRICE ATV 600 CC: 66 Euro (4000 den.) - one person/ 99 Euro (6000 den.) - two people


PRICE BUGGY 550 CC: 98 Euro (6 000 den.) - one person/ 132 Euro (8000 den.)

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