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Food and drinks

Photo: Stojan Stojanovskic


The cuisine of Macedonia is simple with mostly typical Balkan dishes.

The starters usually consist of a salad of cucumber, tomato, goat cheese, onion and olives. Inland, the main course will usually consist of a meat dish, but at Lake Ohrid you will also find a lot of fish on the menu. The fish here are usually grilled or hot-smoked and in most cases super fresh. The meat main course usually consists of grilled meat and stews. These are seasoned with different herbs, onion and bacon. Macedonia is still a very cheap holiday country. Eating out rarely costs more than ten euros per person and then it is often the drink that makes it expensive. 


A typical drink that is often served here is rakija. You have to be careful, because every pub or restaurant burns it itself and the drink can differ in taste or strength. Macedonia is also definitely a wine country and a large number of vines. Macedonian wine is of good quality and is served in many restaurants.

The most popular beer brand is Skopsko and Zlaten Dab. You can easily find foreign beer brands like Heineken and Amstel. Draught beer is also becoming more and more popular.


Price examples:

point desk 50 pine (0.80 €)

Espresso 60den (1 €)

Bottle of local wine 300den (5 €)

Bottle of Skopsko beer in a pub 100den (1,60 €)





Small selection of restaurants:

Winter delights

Zimnica - winter delights

Macedonische gerechten

Macedonische gerechten

Macedonische eten

Eten is liefde en passie

Tavce Gravce

Tavce Gravce

Macedonian Food

Macedonian Food

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