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Car Rental and Public Transport


Exploring Macedonia by car is an excellent way to discover the country. Some roads have tolls, which can be paid in Macedonian currency either by card or cash.

At Ohrid4U, we offer various cars for rent. The car can be delivered to Ohrid or Skopje airport or to your holiday address, depending on your preference. If you plan to explore Albania, Montenegro, or Greece, please let us know. You will need a Green Card insurance to travel outside Macedonia; without this card, you will not be able to cross the border.

Included in the price are: a child seat (on request), the Green Card insurance (on request), insurance, roadside assistance, 24-hour service, and the possibility of a second driver. Prices range from €35 per day to €45 per day, depending on the type of car. Please clearly state your preferences on the form.

Our available cars are:

  • Opel Corsa: €35 per day

  • Skoda Fabia: €35 per day

  • Opel Astra Sedan (automatic): €40 per day

  • Opel Crossland: €45 per day

By Motorcycle

Ohrid4U also offers the opportunity to explore the beautiful country by motorcycle. For €25 per day, you have access to a motorcycle.

Available motorcycle:

  • Motorcycle: €25 per day

By Bus

Bus travel is common in the Balkans. Although Ohrid does not have a train station, it does have a bus station. The bus station is newly built and located just outside the city center of Ohrid, on Klenoec Street, a side street of Zheleznichka. At the counter, you can get information on destinations and prices and reserve your trip. It is advisable to reserve your trip in advance. By bus, you can reach various cities in Macedonia as well as cities in Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, and Serbia. Payment can be made in Macedonian currency or by Mastercard.


For more information, visit


If you want to explore the villages near Ohrid, take the bus on Turistička Boulevard. The bus stops at various locations along this boulevard. You can pay your ticket in cash to the driver. With the bus, you can travel to Struga, Pestani, Sint Naum, and Elsani.

Ohrid Airport (St. Paul the Apostle) is small and easy to use, just 10 km from the city center. The airport has ATMs, an exchange office, a small shop, and a café. On departure, you will find a duty-free shop and a small café after passport control. There are no other food items available for purchase, and apart from the small café, there are no other dining options. Please keep this in mind when departing.

Skopje Airport is located east of the capital. The airport is easily accessible by car via the A1/E75 highway. The airport has a modern terminal consisting of two floors. On the ground floor, you will find the check-in desks on the right side and the arrival hall on the left side. The departure hall is located on the first floor of the terminal. Skopje Airport has 11 boarding gates, five (101 – 105) on the ground floor and six (201 – 206) on the first floor with jet bridges. Multiple international flights depart from Skopje Airport. The airport is more modern than Ohrid's. You can also travel to the airport by taxi. Through Ohrid4U, you can reserve a taxi (van). Send an email to

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