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Lake Ohrid is 30 km long and its width varies from a maximum of 14.5 km to an average of 11 km. The average depth is 151 metres. The rare clarity of the water can reach up to 22 meters, is due to one of the many underwater springs.
The fish in the lake are of particular interest. Lake Ohrid contains 17 different species of fish belonging to three groups: trout, white eel. The most famous of all is the trout of Ohrid.

Many famous people, including Prince Charles, only visited Ohrid to see the beauties of Ohrid and to try this specialty.
With unique flora and fauna, the lake is one of the largest biological reserves in Europe (protected by UNESCO).

Boat fishing


You will be picked up from the hotel/apartment and we will drive to the location.. Arrived to the coast, prepare the fishing boat, check the fishing and safety equipment. Entering the boat and direction to the fishing places.
Arriving at the fishing area, prepare the fishing equipment and fishing begins. How long we stay in one place depends on what the biting activity of the fish will be, so if the fish is active, we stay, otherwise we look for a new place to fish.
There are many ways to catch the fish: spinning fish, with artificial or live bait / bait, fishing on the bottom with other bait, float fish and troll fish. The duration of fishing depends strongly on the weather.
There are many species of fish that can be caught, such as Ohrid Trout, Carp, Roach, Macedonian Barbel, Eel and others.
Fishing equipment is included for his trip

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