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Scuba Diving

Learn to dive in an easy and interesting way according to the program and standards of Scuba Schools International and obtain an internationally recognized certificate for diving.

Contact Ohrid 4U to make an appointment for one of the following arrangements. Costs of photos are not included in the price.

TRY SCUBA DIVING is a half-day program that is perfect for people who are interested in finding out what it is like to breath underwater and experience the underwater world. To make sure the tourists are comfortable, dive instructors will go over the basics of movement, signals and the scuba equipment that is going to be used during the dive. The dive is conducted on the right side of the Bay of the Bones near the archaeological settlement on a depth of 5-8 meters where the divers are accompanied by an instructor at all times. At the end of this tour, the tourists are provided with Try Scuba recognition diploma. Included :

• Briefing

• Full diving equipment

• Pre-dive final check

• Dive near the Bay of the Bones

• Recognition diploma

• Total duration : 1 hour 30 minutes Price: 49 EUR / 3099 DEN per person

ARCHAEOLOGICAL TRY DIVING is a half-day program that covers all the elements of the Try Scuba Diving program where in addition the dive is conducted directly above the prehistoric site where the tourists have a unique opportunity to experience the environment where an ancient settlement took place 6000 years ago. As a special package the dive leaders will take underwater photos and videos during the dive. The depth is limited to a maximum of 8 meters and the tourists are in instructor’s presence at all times. At the end of this tour, the tourists are provided with Archaeological Try Diving recognition diploma. This is our most sold tour and 99% of the tourists demand it. Included :

• Briefing

• Full diving equipment

• Pre-dive final check

• Dive on the Prehistoric Settlement

• Underwater videos and photos (unlimited)

• Recognition diploma

• Total duration : 1 hour 30 minutes Price: 59 EUR / 3699 DEN per person.

SNORKELING TOURS are an excellent substitute for Try Diving. The tours are conducted at the Bay of The Bones area on shallow area around the prehistoric settlement. Minimum 5 people are needed to for the tour to be conducted. Included :

• Briefing

• ABC Gear (Mask, Snorkel, Fin) + *Suit (optional)

• Tour around the settlement

• Total duration : 30 minutes

Price: 19 EUR / 1199 DEN per person.

PRIVATE(VIP) DIVING / SNORKELING - We can offer all of our tours as private tours with a
personal guide only for the diver. Tours can be custom-made and tailored to the conditions and
needs of the diver. Some people like to avoid groups of divers and want to dive only with a guide,
maybe they need time to take the perfect photograph or perhaps they need a setup for a
romantic occasion for a proposal, birthday or other special occasion. Our team is happy to
accomodate them and make those moments memorable.

Price: 79 EUR / 4799 DEN per person.

DIVE TRIPS FOR CERTIFIED DIVERS - Diving on different locations by the desire of the diver according to the level of experience and the certificate it holds. Variety of night dives, deep dives, archeological dives, diving on wrecks and walls, diving in springs, diving by boat. Maximum recreational depth according to international standards is 40 meters.


Price for one dive : 25 EUR / 1599 DEN



1 dive – 45 EUR

2 dives – 90 EUR (one of these dives is conducted on the archaeolgical settlement)

3 dive package – 115 EUR

5 dive package – 170 EUR 10 dive package – on request

A visit to the underwater archaeological settlement is additional 10 euros on the price of the normal dive (it is already calculated in the dive packages)

Open Water Diver (course) - This is the most represented beginner diving category worldwide.
That means that the diver has overcome theory basis and techniques with autonomous diving
equipment. course consists of 6 theory assignments, 6 practical assignments in confined water
and 4 practical assignments in the open water. Diving is in pair with other diver, up to depth of
18 meters. Courses are conducted and certificates issude by Scuba School International.

Price : on request

IMPORTANT: You are obliged to inform us in advance if your medical condition may be damaged by diving.

With this booking we ask for payment of the full amount in advance. You will receive an email with invoice and payment link. The invoice number is your reservation number.

- If cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the start of the tour or in case of no-show, the deposit will not be refunded and will not be transferred to another person.

- Once the client is present at the dive center and the dive briefing has started, we will work with him/her to make the activity safe. If they choose not to complete the full activity, no partial refund will be given.

-Late arrival- We understand that sometimes things happen, but please note that our tours run on a schedule and if the candidate is late for logistical reasons, we will do our best, but we may not be able to wait for you. In the event that the candidate arrives late and the tour has already started, the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

- The customer receives 50% of the amount paid if canceled at least  5 days before the booked date.

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