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in Macedonia is 220-240V and the sockets are standard European round pins.

Local time

Macedonia is at GMT + 1 hour in the Central European Time (CET) zone.

12:00 in Skopje is

06:00 in New York / 11:00 in London and 19:00 in Tokyo


The majority of people living in Macedonia are ethnic Macedonians belonging to the Slavic Orthodox religion. It is about 67% of the population. 30% practise Islam. The remaining 3% are Catholics, Roma, Vlachs, Jews, and so on.



Although bars and restaurants now come with non-smoking zones, there is still a long way to go to smoke-free Macedonia. This country is an important grower and producer of tobacco. 1 box (20 cigarettes) Marlboro costs about 2 €.



Macedonia is safer than many Western European countries. Of course, keep in mind the normal safety rules. However, beware of pickpockets at busier exit points and on the beach.

Telephone and Internet


The + for the telephone numbers stands for 00

Roaming: Macedonia is not in the EU so roaming is very expensive!

So do not make calls to the Netherlands or accept incoming calls!

Better install WhatsApp (is free) on Android or Iphone and then login to Wifi which you can find a lot for free in Macedonia Ohrid, Struga.

A SIM card is also a solution, for about 5 EUR you have 8 GB of data traffic so almost everywhere you have a 4G connection.

There are 3 providers: One, T-Mobile and A1 (former VIP).

Be careful in Ohrid because Albania is close by, your mobile phone often wants to log on to that network. Then your credit will be used up very quickly!

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