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I have been regularly visiting Ohrid since 2010. Upon my first glimpse of Ohrid from the airplane, I was immediately captivated. I feel completely at home in Ohrid and in the country of Macedonia: the friendly people, the culture, the beautiful nature, the delicious food, the hospitality. Above all, I am in love with Ohrid and its lake. I can spend hours looking at the lake without getting bored. I now have my own apartment on the outskirts of the beautiful old town. I speak some Macedonian, and that opens many doors.

I wish everyone a pleasant stay in Ohrid and in Macedonia, and I am happy to help with that.

Emma Luca

As a child, my mother used to take me to Ohrid. I have warm memories of playing in the lake with my brother and enjoying the delicious food. As I grew older, I fell in love with the mountain overlooking the lake: Galičica. I still enjoy coming back with friends or with my boyfriend. In my daily life, I deal with groceries. I support my mother by managing the online shop.


I am Ana Bojadziev, originally from Ohrid, Macedonia (former Yugoslavia). I have been living in the Netherlands for twenty years. I came to the Netherlands - as it often happens - for love. My husband Bob and I share our current life and love with our children in the cozy city of Apeldoorn.

I am the proud founder of the website I have dedicated five years of my love and passion to this website. Due to lack of time, I have decided to stop working for Ohrid4u. As of October 14, 2023, I have passed the baton to Karin Broekema and her daughter Emma Luca Bebseler. I have every confidence that they will continue my work with love, just as I did.

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