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The Day We Forgive Each Other (Прочка - Prochka)

Today, Orthodox believers celebrate the feast of Forgiveness or Forgiveness Sunday, known as Prochka or Veliki Pokladi, which some say is one of the greatest Christian holidays.

This holiday is always celebrated 7 weeks before Easter. On this day, the long Easter fasting period begins in order to welcome the resurrection of Christ (Easter).

Traditionally, on this holiday, young families visit their parents, godparents and elderly relatives. Young people ask for forgiveness from older people with the word "Forgive me, mum / dad / grandma / grandpa ...", and they reply - "You are forgiven, both by me and by God." Or "Just be happy. "God forgive."

The tradition continues, as every year, many people put martenitsa on their hands or on the lapel. They believe that wearing martenitsa until 22 March will bring happiness to their lives.

Martenitsa (martinka) is a small ornament that our parents, aunts or grandmothers tie on our hands and wear until the end of the month.

According to other beliefs, martenitsa is placed on 14 March.

Martenitsa is an ornament made of hemp in red and white colour. They are the symbol of Baba Marta (Grandmother March), known to us as a harbinger of spring.

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