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Ohrid airport(St. Paul the Apostle) is small and easy to use and is only 10 km from the city centre. Past customs, the combined arrivals and departures hall features ATMs, a currency exchange office and a small cafe.

Skopje Airport is located east of the capital. The airport is easily accessible by car via the A1/E75 motorway. The airport has a modern terminal consisting of two floors. On the ground floor you will find the check-in desks on the right and the arrivals hall on the left. The departure hall is located on the first floor of the terminal. Skopje Airport has 11 boarding gates, five (101 – 105) on the ground floor and six (201 – 206) on the first floor with air bridge.

Since 2012 it is possible to travel with a shuttle bus between the airport and the center of Skopje. You pay for a single trip 180 MKD (3 €) and a return ticket 360 MKD (6 €)

Going to the city

If you have arranged a rental car upon arrival, the cars and car rental offices are located in the airport parking lot.

Immediatelyrental caryou can explore the country at your own pace. Keep in mind that the roads in the interior are often not in top condition and that tolls are still charged in many places. 

With the bus

Buses come from various international destinations, including Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. There are also bus connections to other cities in Macedonia such as Skopje, Bitola, Kichevo, Tetovo, Gostivar etc. The bus station is newly built just outside the center of Ohrid. You can get information about destinations and prices at the counter. Here you can pay in cash, maestro or with master card.

For more information, go to

From Ohrid to Sv Naum

06:15, 08:30, 11:30, 13:30, 15:30, 18:30


From Sv Naum to Ohrid

07:20, 09:20, 12:20, 14:20, 16:20,19:20


You can catch the bus at few places along Turistička Street, on the other side of the Green Market or Jane Sandanski Street (closest to the Old Town)


By car

If you want to go to Lake Ohrid, it is best to travel via the A2/E65 motorway. The distance from Skopje Airport to Ohrid is 202 kilometers, the journey time is 2 hours and 45 minutes. The roads are partly highway, partly low-speed roads through the mountains. On the highway part you have to pay a toll, which is about 250den in total (about 6 €). You can pay in cash (MKD or euros), maestro or credit card.

It is also relatively easy to reach Ohrid from Albania. There are 2 border crossings. One is near the monastery of St. Naum and the other one near Struga.

Driving from Greece via Bitola is also relatively easy.


pegasus rent a car Ohrid .jpg

PRICES with minibus maximum 8 people:

Ohrid - Skopje (city centre) or Skopje (city centre) - price is per one way                                                            160€ 

Ohrid - Skopje airport or Skopje airport - Ohrid - price is one way                                                                        180€                 

Ohrid - Tirana airport or Tirana airport - Ohrid - price is per one way                                                                  180€

Ohrid - Thessaloniki or Thessaloniki - Ohrid price is per one way                                                                          300€

Prices with car. Maximum 4 persons or 3 with more luggag

Ohrid - Skopje (centre) or Skopje (centre) - price is per one way                                                                             120€ 

Ohrid - Skopje airport or Skopje airport - Ohrid - price is one way                                                                         140€                 

Ohrid - Tirana airport or Tirana airport - Ohrid - price is per one way                                                                   140€ 

Ohrid - Thessaloniki or Thessaloniki - Ohrid price is each way                                                                                220€                                               

* We require a 20€ deposit per booking. You can pay online with a digital invoice which you will receive by email. The rest of the amount can be paid in cash to the taxi driver.

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