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Macedonian recipes bound in a beautiful book


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Memories of the Macedonian Cuisine

'To eat is to give, to eat is to share. Food is also longing: how I longed for the first strawberry in winter. An impatient wait until I could pick the first spring onion or young garlic from the garden. The sensation at that first tasting after a long absence: a white sandwich with thick butter, an egg on it, crumbled white sheep's cheese and on top of that the finely chopped spring onion. Even better: just a bite of the sandwich on the left and a bite from the outing on the right.

Summers in Macedonia were endless. I often stayed with my aunts. My mother has four sisters and my father has two. So those were a lot of sleepovers. When I was with them, they all did their best to make me feel comfortable, pamper and spoil me. And how did they do that? They did that, partly with their food, and they all unintentionally left their mark on my taste development.

Traditional Macedonian cuisine

In this book I have captured my childhood memories and linked them to certain dishes from Macedonia that suit a specific event. I tell stories about how I woke up under the mulberry trees: the red and the white. My parents' bedroom scent where the fruits of desire were kept. The sudden disappearance of Belco rabbit. Why when I eat an innocent peach I always have to think about grandma, baba Cena About how a quince was turned into a medlar under the hands of my father, the city farmer. Three or four recipes have been added to each story, capturing the taste of my memories. This is the food that I grew up with, the food that I was raised with.

I want to introduce people for the first time to the versatility of honest, tasteful, rural, traditional and somewhat robust Macedonian cuisine. The cuisine is like the landscape and the climate: rough and very diverse, pronounced like the hot summers and unrelenting like the cold winters. It is a kitchen where customs, traditions, myths and saints ask for specific food for special occasions that is slowly disappearing: where slow food is quickly making way for fast food. '

By: Zaklina Temelkovska
17 x 24 cm, hard cover, 144 pages, full color
nur 441, isbn 978 90 75 979 770

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Memories of Macedonian Cuisine

VAT Included
    • Appetizer
    • Soups
    • Main dishes
    • Cake, Pastry and Desserts
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