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Discover the Galicica National Park with the help of this handy map.

Simple hiking map of a national park in Macedonia. The map is not of the topographic level as we know it, but it still gives the opportunity to discover this unknown area. Some walking and cycling routes are shown and tourist facilities are indicated with symbols such as campsites, swimming opportunities, kayak options and beautiful viewpoints. The tourist value of the area is briefly described on the back of the map. Language includes English.

The Galicica National Park represents a "hotspot" of biological diversity in Europe and beyond. The rich biological diversity is of national, European and global value. In the park there are 4 species of invertebrates and 13 vertebrates, which are considered endangered worldwide. The international significance of the biological diversity in this park has been confirmed by numerous nominations, such as: "Emerald site", "Important Plant Area", "Primary Butterfly Area", "UNESCO World Heritage site", etc.

Other natural values of this park are Stara Galicica, with its two remarkable cirques, and the island of Golem Grad and its charecterid geomorphology. The park also includes a great cultural heritage, including several cultural monuments such as the Saint Naum monastery and the churches Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Saint Stephen-Pancir, the Church of the Holy Mother of God in Zaum, which is the cave church of Saint Virgin Mary in Pestani, as well as the cultural heritage on the island of Golem Grad.

Map of Galicica National Park

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