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Detailed city map of the city of Ohrid in Macedonia. With register. In addition, a small area map and information about places of interest on the back.

The map contains a detailed overview of the city and all its streets, the inhabited, uninhabited and industrial zones, as well as the forests and parks. Special symbols are used to indicate the most important buildings in the city, such as the monuments, churches, clinics, hospitals, post offices, banks, schools, faculties, market square, gas stations, museums... At the bottom there is an index of all the streets to to facilitate their localization over the map, and on the back there is a 3D map of the Ohrid-Struga region, with marked roads to all the famous tourist places: St. Naum, Ljubanishta, Trpejca, Peshtani... The map also tells a brief history of the most famous churches and monuments, in addition, the map also contains a detailed overview of the Ohrid fortress and its surroundings.


The legend of the map and all text are also Macedonian, English, German, Albanian, Serbian



City map Ohrid

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  • Product: Map at 1:5000
    publisher: Trimaks
    Dimensions: 12.5 x 24 cm
    Production: Printed on a container 115g/m2, varnished
    Packaging: plastic packaging

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