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The T'ga Za Jug from the Tikveš winery is a semi-dry red wine, originating from the "Tikvesh" wine region. It has an intense red color, characteristic aroma of raisins and raspberries, ripe tannins and sweet taste.

The T'ga Za Jug is one of the best known and best-selling Macedonian wines. Truly a pearl of the Balkans and one of the bestsellers of Ohrid4u. The T'ga Za Jug means the longing for the south. A poem has been written about this.

Location: Tikvesh Valley

Grape varieties: Vranec

Serving temperature: 16ºC - 18ºC

Food: Full-fat - low-fat cheese and grilled dishes


T'ga za Jug

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    • T'ga za Jug 
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