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"From the White Lake to the White Mountain - 40 years later"

These are the names of the guys from Ohrid who went on adventure and created a story that has been written in the history of Ohrid: Vlado Bojadzi, Ljupcho Pop Stefanija, Vladimir Tuntev, Mihail Bitrak, Andon Bojadzi, Klime Volkan, Mile Bavchandziev, Ljudmil Cvetanoski and Kiro Filev. These guys made a trip from the Ohrid Lake tot the famous mountain top Mont Blanc (4810 meters above sea level)

Last Sunday on the 26th of July, documentary was promoted in order to honour and remember this happening of 40 years ago. What was the motivation behind this decision? - The wish to revive the mountaineering; the craving for adventure and the hunger to experiance something new were some of the reasons to make this big step. Shortly after decision was made, this crew started preparations which included heavy fysical excercise.

Now 40 years later, we can hear through their own words how they experianced it all.

Special thanks to Kiril Dimov -Gafilj who initiate this project and Super Radio who made this film possible. This event took place at Terazza Aquarius in Ohrid

Although the interviews are not subtitled, there are various of photos shown to give you an impression of this great happening.

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